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Commercial Service

Translight’s state-of-the-art hybrid inverters replace the grid in your business as the primary source of power, cutting your electricity bill up to 95%. For most businesses, our commercial solar solutions are designed to eliminate the use of UPSs and Stabilizers, while providing free electricity from the sun. Customers who migrate to our commercial solar solutions therefore save on the cost of UPSs, Stabilizers and fuel generators.

Here are seven reasons why your business should get on our OneBusinessOneSolarSystem Program by switching to the Translight Solar Virtual Grid!!!

1. Generate your own electricity and protect yourself against high electricity prices by installing the Translight state-of-the-art equipment with 5 year warranty.
2. Pay off the cost of equipment, get free electricity and sell the excess to the grid.
3. Eliminate the high cost of a stabilizer because it is built into our inverter system.
4. Eliminate the high cost of a UPS because its features comes with our solar system.
5. We provide remote monitoring for excellent customer experience.
6. Our solution has advanced protection for batteries to guarantee extended life.
7. Experience uninterrupted power in the quiet.

Translight Solar Limited (TSL) will ensure that it does undertake an effective Energy Efficiency Needs Assessment (EENA) for the customer to design an appropriate cost saving energy solution.

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Under our OneBusinessOneSolarSystem, going solar has not been easier and more affordable.