Rural Electrification

Translight installs micro-grids and solar home systems in the rural areas. At Translight we understand the need of electricity for all. Our solar technology for the rural areas, whether be it the solar home systems or micro-grid consumption, allows our customers the affordability of instalment payments. Our customers leverage our collaboration with financial institutions to secure the funding for purchasing solar systems.

Translight’s rural electrification approach is modelled on sustainability and economic development. The Translight solution is to identify a base commercial revenue generation opportunity such as purifying water for sale, providing a corn milling machine, engaging in irrigation or a store to sell various products in the rural area. After a commercial activity is identified with the potential to generate enough revenue to pay off over fifty percent of the cost of the solar system, a micro-grid is built as a hub for economic development. Solar home systems are then sold to those far from the micro-grid or those who prefer an independent power source.

Urban Electrification

If you could cut your electricity bill by 70-95% with your own power generation, would you do it?

If you could get solar installed for uninterrupted power in your home to reduce the high cost of electricity by using free uninterrupted energy, would you do it?

Welcome to the new and innovative ways homes receive power. Translight Solar has developed the most superior installation technology in solar energy to take you up to 95% off the grid, save on electricity costs and provide uninterrupted power.

Here are five reasons why your home should get on our OneHouseOneSolarSystem Program by switching to the Translight Solar Virtual Grid!!!

1. Generate your own electricity and protect yourself against high electricity prices by installing the Translight state-of-the-art equipment with 5 year warranty.
2. Pay off the cost of equipment, get free electricity and sell the excess to the grid when possible.
3. We provide remote monitoring for excellent customer experience.
4. Our solution has advanced protection for batteries to guarantee extended life.
5. Experience uninterrupted power in the quiet.