Our Services

A vast range of services for your convenience!

We provide various services that include everything you need to power your business or with solar energy. We will oversee your entire solar system installation project and provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system.

Grid Tied Solutions

The TRANSLIGHT Grid Tied solutions have a range of 2.5KW – 30KW hybrid inverter capacities for urban Africa.

The grid tied solutions are designed to generate electricity for the location of installation from a feed-in grid system. These solutions are done to make the electricity from solar energy the primary source of power in the premise. The hybrid inverter which converts energy from the solar panels into electricity is also connected to the other sources of energy such as the battery and the grid where available. The role of the energy saver built into the hybrid inverter is to determine which source of energy to use in powering the premise in a process designed to save on the cost of electricity

Commercial installation consulting

Besides providing miscellaneous solar power solutions for private clients and residential buildings, we also help commercial businesses, as well as government institutions in switching to solar power.

If you're an owner or a manager of a small, medium or a big business or a separate office building, then we'll be glad to advise you on how you can use solar energy for uninterrupted power at great savings on your costs of electricity. It's important to remember that switching high-consumption offices to solar energy is the best decision you can make for your growing company.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Totally eliminate dependence on the national grid.

These are the off-grid systems. Translight Solar has designed off-grid systems for households, commercial and or industrial needs. Where the grid is unavailable or when the customer prefers, Translight Solar will install Off-Grid solar systems which are not connected to the national electricity grid.

Let’s begin, today, by assessing what the current power consumption for your home is and determine which solar system will fit your situation the best.

Some of our other services

  • Assembly of solar inverter systems
  • Installation of solar systems
  • After sales maintenance and repairs of solar installation
  • Track, monitor and manage solar solutions.
  • Liaise with financial institutions to repossess unpaid solar installations and sell them at a discount for them.
  • Create a pipeline of commercial and industrial projects and seek funding for execution.
  • We also sell (and install where necessary), highly efficient energy-saving appliances such as LED bulbs, air-conditioners