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Wherever there is sunlight
There is Translight


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Up to 80% Savings on Power!
Go Solar Today
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Need a Solar Power Solution for Your Business?
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solar energy provider


installed to date and increasing

5 Year

minimum warranty


10+ years performance

The Solar Experts

Translight Solar is an award-winning solar energy company that is dedicated to the provision of solar technology as a means of sustainable, reliable and green energy generation to tackle the power challenges within and beyond Ghana.

A Solution for Every Home

Why Solar?

Its simply the smarter choice

Up to 60%

reduction in your energy bill


full dependence on National grid


performance over 20 years


to deploy in any location


the value of your building


and sustainable energy

How Solar Works

From panel to inverter to battery

The Sun is a powerful source of energy. Plants use sunlight for photosynthesis to generate their nutrients. Solar panels harness the energy from the sun and convert it to clean electricity to power our homes and businesses. This is how it works.

The light from the sun stimulates electrons on the solar panel. These electrons create a direct current – DC. The DC electricity is converted to usable Alternating Current, AC, by a device called the inverter. During the day, the hybrid inverter uses the energy directly from the sun to power all the electrical appliances connected to it through the distribution board. The excess energy generated by the solar panels is stored in the batteries for use at night when the sun is not present. Because the batteries store energy for use even when it is cloudy, the entire solar system provides uninterrupted power. 

Imagine having a system on your roof that generates electricity quietly to power your premises. This is why many people are switching to solar energy. It is a cheaper source of electricity and when installed with batteries, it provides uninterrupted power. 

Call Translight today to install solar energy for you and pay in installments just as you pay for your electricity. When you are done paying off the solar system, the system is yours and you can generate free electricity. What are you waiting for? Call us now.

Go Solar Today!

Start saving now

Get In Touch

Contact us regarding any of our solutions and we’ll call you back to find out what you’re interested in

We Design

Using your requirements we conduct all the necessary assessments and customize the solution as needed

We Install

Once everything has been agreed upon, we install the new solar energy system based on your requirements


You can now enjoy your new solar energy system and all the amazing benefits that come with it

Did You Know?

Solar is Cheaper than Electricity from the Grid

Worried about upfront costs?

We have great news for you! Translight Solar allows you to pay for your solar installation like you pay for your electricity on a monthly basis.

What to know about our warranty?

We have utmost confidence in our products and as such offer a 5 year replacement warranty.

What makes our solution worth the investment?

Not only do we allow you to pay for your system like you are paying for your electricity, but you earn great savings each month while enjoying uninterrupted energy from the moment you install one of our systems.

Who Would You Rather Be?

We already know


National Power Grid Only

Spends GHS1200 annually

GHS100 per month


Grid + Translight Solar

Spends GHS480 annually

GHS40 per month (60% Less)

Translight Solar

Providing Solar Energy to leave both you and the earth smiling

What are You Waiting For?

Contact us today and receive a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Solar Appraisal.