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Light Up Your Career

Are you a highly motivated person? Ready for a dynamic lifestyle? Would you like to take on an exciting new career path learning about and pushing the new trend in energy systems of the future?

If you are, then Translight Solar Limited’s new opportunity to become a Solar Energy Sales Agent is calling.

The Demand for Solar

The solar energy industry is booming! Home owners are tired of the frequent power outages and are turning to solar energy for constant power at a highly reduced cost. Some businesses are suffering due to the high cost of electricity but solar energy can provide a highly affordable alternative for uninterrupted power. Due to this demand, Translight has created the opportunity for individuals who seek a new career path in renewable energy to be trained as sales agents.

The training includes but is not limited to:

Understanding why homeowners and businesses need to switch to solar energy.

Setting goals and steps to achieving those goals. 

How to engage customers and negotiate as a maestro.

Personal development in communication, sales, marketing, sales management etc.

Why Choose Translight?

Translight Solar is an award-winning solar energy company that is dedicated to the provision of solar technology as a means of sustainable, reliable, and green energy generation to solve the power challenges within and beyond Ghana. With Translight, you will become part of an exciting mission to shape the renewable energy landscape in Ghana and Africa.

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Start your journey as a Solar Energy Sales Agent now. Fill and send the application form on the right to begin the process.

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