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For Your Business

Join the numerous companies who are saving on the cost of electricity for production by migrating to solar energy today! Translight’s state-of-the-art hybrid inverters replace the grid in your business as the primary source of power, cutting your electricity bill up to 60%. Our commercial solar solutions are designed to eliminate the use of UPSs and Stabilizers, while providing free electricity from the sun. 

Uninterrupted POWER

7 reasons to get on our OneBusinessOneSolarSystem program

Our Commercial Options

How It Works

Our end-to-end commercial process 

Energy Assessment

We assess a range of elements to ascertain the viability of solar energy for your business

Engineering & Design

Using the assessment data and your requirements, our experts design a custom solar solution for your company

Affordable Financing

We explain all the financing options available and assist you in selecting the best fit for your budget and situation


Once everything has been agreed upon, we install the new solar energy system as approved by you

Operations & Maintenance

We provide after-sales maintenance and system upkeep to ensure maximum efficiency is sustained

COVID 19 Energy Support

Covid 19 has awakened us to emergency preparedness. Hospitals must now ensure that they have local energy or independent power in case of any pandemic or major grid failure. Fortunately, the cost of the Lithium-Ion battery, a core component of providing local energy, has dropped tremendously over the last couple of months.

Translight has combined innovative low-interest financing with the drop in the price of batteries to provide THE COVID 19 UNINTERRUPTED POWER FOR HEALTH FACILITIES PROGRAM. The program is to reduce the cost of electricity and ensure constant power supply for health facilities by migrating them to the use of solar energy with the battery as the primary source of power. 

The program incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables.

Ensuring Confidence

The Solution for Your Needs

Translight Solar will undertake an effective Energy Efficiency Needs Assessment (EENA) for the customer prior to installation to assist in the design of an appropriate cost saving solar solution.

Full Project Transparency

We ensure that prior to the commencement of any installation, we provide the client with all information regarding the details and implication of the project. Ensuring client satisfaction is important to us.

What are You Waiting For?

Contact us today and receive a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Solar Appraisal.