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Solar Systems Work in the Rainy Seasons.


A question usually asked is, solar has to do with the sun so what happens in cloudy conditions and rainy seasons? Will the solar system still generate electricity? The simple answer is yes, the solar system will work in cloudy and rainy conditions. 


Cells in the solar panels absorb solar radiation from sunlight and this can be from direct or indirect sunlight. In sunny seasons, panels have access to direct sunlight and hence can generate optimum power for the home based on the system designed. The doubts come with the wet season when there are fewer hours within the day with direct sunlight. It is important to note that solar panels work with radiation and light from the sun and that clouds do not fully block these from reaching the earth on cloudy days….

Solar panels generate approximately 40%-60% of their optimum generation during cloudy weather and 20%-30% of optimum generation during heavy rain.